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STS Garage-Cabinets no longer is in the garage cabinet business

STS has decided to focus our business on creating the best pull out shelves available and is not installing garage cabinets any longer
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Tucson STS garage storage cabinets

Shelves that Slide started in business over 20 years ago with the simple idea of providing useful products at reasonable prices and keep one thing above all others - honesty. When you are looking for garage storage cabinets look at the company as well as the garage cabinets. How long have they been in business? Do they have any complaints with the registrar of contractors office? Are they a licensed contractor? Garage cabinet companies come and go and when they go they take people's money. Speaking of money why do some garage cabinet companies take such large deposits? Do they need your money to pay for the materials for yesterday's job? We take a small deposit because our garage cabinets are custom made, we do not require half down at the time of the order because we have learned to trust our customers, something that some other garage cabinet companies don't seem to be able to do. We have customers that come back to us time and time again. They know that quality may cost slightly more and they know it is worth it. When you look at our garage cabinets you will see they are not quite like the other guys. The things you might find as an upgrade on their cabinets (if they will even offer it) you will find standard with our garages cabinets. We start out with adjustable legs to keep the wood off the floor and provide a secure and level base. We double up our base for a full 1 1/4" thick foundation for the cabinets. We don't drill holes in the garage cabinets for our adjustable shelves, we use metal shelf standards so you can adjust the shelf to fit your things and that adjustment can be as small as 1/2". We use Amerock hinges with a lifetime warranty. Our workbench drawers use 100 pound capacity slides from Blum. Sure we could buy cheaper material but then it would not be worth the work that we put into cutting, machining and installing the cabinets. See what we mean when we say
"different by design"
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