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Shelves That Slide

   Custom made pull out shelves for your kitchen, pantry and bathroom cabinets. 100 pound capacity Blum slides and a lifetime warranty make Shelves That slide the best place to buy a pull out shelf. There are a slew of new companies offering sliding shelves online but where were they 16 years ago when we started selling our rolling shelves

TV Shelves

    Pull out shelves for your  for your TV. Television swivel systems let you slide out your TV and swivel it for the perfect view. We also offer Plasma, LCD and DLP mounting systems including wall mount, ceiling mount and even articulated arm systems for LCD and Plasma sets.

Sliding Shelves

    Looking for sliding shelves on a budget? Same hardware as our premium shelves with the same 9 ply Birch for the front, back and sides with a lower price. No lacquer finish, no complicated joinery, just a high quality pull out shelf for cabinets up to 24" wide.

Kitchen Pull Out Shelves

A great place for custom pull out sliding shelves made per your order to fit your kitchen and pantry cabinets. Stop bending and reaching to get that pot or pan from the back of your cabinet. With a sliding shelf from kitchen pull out shelves all of your items will pull out to you

Shelf Depot

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